Friday, September 9, 2005

Today's Main Sin

Today it was SLOTH.

I couldn't get myself in gear, even low. When I was a kid the family had an old Packard, 1930 model, that had a low-low gear. We called it "granny low", and the old straight-eight cylinders in granny low could have pulled a box car up Tehachapi Pass. But it was s-l-o-w.

Today I couldn't even get myself in slow, old, granny low. I went back to bed and ignored breakfast.  Well, it is lunch time, and maybe the afternoon will be better. 

After my nap, that is.


kateh2ocolorart said...

It's getting cooler now...better time to get out into the world, even in granny slow!

ryanagi said...

Must be something in the air today. I felt the same way. I plan to stay in bed a good part of the day tomorrow and catch up on sleep. Gosh I love Saturdays!

magogos said...

Right now I feel as if I were living in slow granny low! I think we're all allowed some time in such a state occasionally. Margo

mtrib2 said...

I had a slow as molasses morning, but slower.  My arthritis would not allow me to do anything except lay on my board that I put on my mattress and watch and read the latest news on New Orleans.  This afternoon things got better then worse again.  And this evening there is some let up.  I think I may need an overhaul.