Thursday, September 29, 2005

Prime Time Television -- Three for a dollar

   At the 99 cent store DVDs with three old time television shows, 99 cents. Rounded off, that is three for a dollar. Three George Burns and Gracie Allen shows on one DVD. They were top notch, prime time shows in the 1950s, and here they are, in the bargain basement. (Of course I bought them.)

   Not only that, I bought three detective shows, Dick Tracy, Mark Saber, and the Treasure Men. I am not through, bought Flash Gorden and a Peter Sellers black and white movie too. One dollar each (less a penny).

   Foolish me, I have three Netflix DVDs waiting to be viewed also. I am going to be busy.

   Have viewed so far only one episode of the Burns and Allen show. It was interesting to see what we television fans thought was prime-time funny in those days. They were contrived, broad, banal. So why did they still bring a chuckle? Nostalgia, I guess. What used to make me laugh out loud still makes me chuckle.

   I think the detective stories will be interesting, too, if I can tear myself away from the Law and Order reruns on cable TV.

    Television shows have become more sophisticated and complex. Some people complain that they are still contrived and banal. It is easier to see when looking back.

  That’s a lesson worth three for a dollar.


kateh2ocolorart said...

Sounds great!  BTW we watched Commander in Chief a day late, so I only scanned your review...but I's gonna be a good one!  GREAT cast!

ryanagi said...

The Three Stooges still make me grin, but the older sitcoms like My Three Sons or Leave It to Beaver leave me shaking my head. I know people loved those shows when they originally aired, but the family dynamics seem so artifically sweet and too far from reality. I guess that's what happens when you grow up watching Married With Children or Malcolm in the Middle. THOSE are true American families, warts and all. LOL

memes121 said...

I have every one of those 99 cent movies, cartoons and TV shows! I love them. Haven't watched a one yet but i will! Mark my word! Wonder if they have new ones yet?

plieck30 said...

You mentioned Flash Gordon and started my brain rollin'. When I was growing up a man from san antonio showed a movie in the school auditorum every Saturday night. He would also show a cartoon and a series show like Flash Gordon. He even sold pop corn. Us kids really felt up-town. Paula

mavarin said...

John mostly buys the Roy Rogers ones.  I'll have to see what else we've picked up out of the dollar bin.  - K