Thursday, September 8, 2005

Mystery solved

My friend Anita asked, "Did you hear that plane that almost took the roof off last night."

"I sure did.  I wrote about it in my journal."

"It was spraying for mosquitos in this neighborhood. There has been an outbreak of West Nile Virus."

I am glad they are spraying, and glad to know what that plane was doing last night.


magogos said...

Me, too. Margo

ryanagi said...

Ahh! Cool beans. We used to have a truck that drove through our neighborhood spraying this grey fog. We used to run after the truck and play in it. Ouch my DNA. What the heck were our parents thinking?? But that was the only time the mosquitoes didn't bother us. ;-)

mtrib2 said...

I am itching right now from clearing brush and vines off an old Toyota Corolla Hatchback (1978) parts car in my back, back yard.  Some ppl are suppose to be here today to buy the other Toyota and an old Ford truck.  My legs are covered with bites from chiggers or no see ems..     mark

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