Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pretty Petty

It is pretty petty of me to complain about gasolene prices, when the hurricane that caused them wiped out homes and businesses and killed people.  And, why should I tell YOU, you have tanks to fill too. But my Van took twenty one gallons to fill the tank.  Not bad considering I only buy gas a couple of times a year.  But, gasp, the bill.  $68.61.

And now hurricane Rita is tearing toward Texas with the intent of wiping out more gulf refineries.

Speaking of petty, how about this.  A 58 cent blunder. I bought a dozen pens at Staples for 97 cents.  Wow, what a deal.  Bought 'em on impulse because they were cheap. Opened the box, and used them, and liked them.  But what is it about a box of pens. 

You open the box and use a pen.  Then the next time you need a pen, it is nowhere to be found.  So you take another from the box, and then that one dissappears too.  Where are they going?  Like MacBeth's witches, they are "Vanished into the air, and what seemed corporal is wind."  Well, I don't remember the quote exactly, but the the pens seem to POOF.

  No problem, Back to Staples I go for a couple more boxes of pens. Aha, now they are $1.26.  So the resupply cost 58 cents more than I expected.  Compared to gasolene that is nothing. End of complaint.


chasferris said...

"Vanished into the wind, and what seemed corporal is air" sounds more reasonable. Maybe I will Google the quote and check.  Later.  Someday.

jckfrstross said...

Gas is high here also:)


magogos said...

Have you ever read "The Borrowers?" They are little people who live in the walls and borrow things like boxes of pens and half used spools of thread and use the pens to hold up their ceilings and the thread to tie the pens together. So just think of your 58cents as helping some poor borrower family that has taken up residence with you. Margi(yes, my daughter used to tell me I'm crazy, too)

memes121 said...

When Hurricane Katrina hit, I too complained about people complaining about gas prices when people are dying. But then I read about a person in my state losing his job because he was living from paycheck to paycheck and the only job available was miles from home. It took so much of his check just to get to work that he was left with the choice of keeping the lights on, food for the kids or his job. He lost his job. I didn't even think about those who are no where near hurricanes being hit hard by it. You know, that guy (it was in our paper) gave the Red Cross $5.00. He couldn't afford it but he knew that there were people worse off then him.God help us all.

firestormkids04 said...

Nope, not gonna complain . . .well, maybe a little about the pens - my box of pens does the same thing!  Blessings, Penny