Sunday, May 20, 2007

Another Sunday Mrnng at the Old Folks Home

Here we go... off to Sunday Morning breakfast at the old folks home.  Will it be the usual hassle?  I will report in the next hour.

(1) The first hassle is I cannot get this to print in 12 point print.


(2) A TINY bit better. Fifteen minutes to get coffee, but there was NO regular, only DECAF. Breakfast served and completed in half an hour.  Biscuits and gravy were tasteless. Breakfast was warm, not cold, for a change.

(2) Tablemate, 93, picks teeth at table, from the moment she sits down until she leaves.  And then she uses the tooth pick to clean her the table.

Me: Thelma, when you finish cleaning your ears with that toothpick, please don't put it on the table.

She didn't.


tellsg said...

eeeeyuk!  That Thelma sounds gross!  Hugs, Terry x

madcobug said...

OH I see the report on breakfast. I didn't look at this post again. Hope Thelma doesn't poke holes in her eardrum with that toothpick.  Helen

plieck30 said...

Don't you wish they would move Thelma to another table? Paula

jocalodave said...

Well, I suppose a half-hour of picking teeth takes the point off the toothpick. One should never put a SHARP toothpick in one's ear.

If you want to be even more grossed out at future meals, you might suggest that a toothpick can also do wonders cleaning under finger and TOE nails. If Thelma can get her feet on the table, I think she might make the book of world records for violating table ettiquite.

Some Sundays it's a real challenge to keep the coffee, gravy and biscuits down -- especially when it's DECAF!

Have a better week, my friend. When I get back to town, let's go out for breakfast some Sunday morning!