Friday, May 25, 2007

The Magical Self-Charging Battery

Everybody needs one.  A Magical Self-Charging Battery.

I was on my way to the mall on my scooter.  It seemed to be a bit slower than usual. I noticed the Battery-Charge Indicator was hovering near the yellow area.  Yellow means very low charge.

"Rats," I thought. "Somehow the battery failed to charge when it was plugged in overnight.  I will have to be more careful." I thought I might get stranded at the Mall with a dead battery.  But I was almost there...nothing t do but sail on and trust to luck

At the mall, I did my shopping and cruising of the aisles. I checked out.  When I started home I checked the indicator again to see if I had charge enough to get home. LO and BEHOLD, it was now well into the green, a hearty charge.  It was better than before.

I cruised on home with a comfortable feeling. And a sense of wonderment too.  How could the battery have more charge after half an hour of use, than it did on the way in?

And, by the time I reached home, the indicator was at the near top, telling me I hada full charge. Instead of becoming weaker with use, the battery was getting stronger.

Everyone should have one of my Magical Self-charging batteries.


madcobug said...

Maybe the Good Lord was watching out for you Chuck. Glad that you made it back home. Helen

hewasolddog299 said...

Um, you might give the service tech a call. Sounds like a corroded or slightly loose battery connector. Driving and flexing might have temporarily restored the connection. Then again, continued use might leave you stranded halfway back from the mall next time. Ouch!

Preventative maintenance and all that saves many from crashing and burning...

ggjack7 said...

You bring a smile to my face, thanks. Glad you had good luck, or was it perhaps the Lord was looking over you? gg

plittle said...

Was it a cool morning? Sometimes batteries can be affected by temperature. If it was cool when you set out, and warmer when you headed home, that could be one possible explanation. Also, you might have magical hamster pixies running on invisible hamster pixie wheels under your scooter. In fact, I'm thinking it must be the latter. The former sounds too unlikely.