Sunday, May 20, 2007

As Is

When you can't get what you order, Verdana 12 pt., you take what you can get. (Default Font 10)

See previous two entries with tiny print.

Someday I will understand computers, composing, and aol. Just not today. 

(I wonder what font and size this entry will be.)


jocalodave said...

You are operating in the wonderful world of HTML, Chuck. That stands for "Hypertext Mark-up Language."

When you order up a font (as in Helvetica, Verdana, Times, etc.), your editor -- not a person, but the computer program that "translates" what you type into HTML -- chooses a "TAG" for that particular block of text.

The result could look like this:

{b}{small}This is my text.{/small}{/big}

(Note: real HTML uses the < and > as brackets; I avoided using real tags in case they get acted upon.

This "ACTING UPON"  happens at the reader's computer -- that means it's out of your control. If you order "bold" or "large" type, your correspondent's machine will apply its OWN standards of bold or large -- standards that might be quite different from what you intended.

Long story short: you can control what a message looks like on YOUR machine,  but it's a crap shoot trying to control what others will see.

A solution is to use something other than HTML -- like PDF. But that's another story (which I've written here --, if you're interested.

Ain't computers grand?

sylviam4000 said...

Do all my entries in Times Roman Bold Italic, 14 point. It rarely, if ever, works any longer, which annoys me. That, to me, made my journal look prettier. Thought it didn't work because I'm on dial-up, seems that's not the problem. I'll squint at yours, if you promise to imagine mine is as I'd want it to be. Keep smiling.
Sylvia x

jckfrstross said...

love the pictures:) have a good week Chuck hope breakfast is hot tomorrow