Thursday, May 31, 2007

Math Problem

Latvia and Estonia are allowed to remove 28,000 tons of herring from Riga Bay each year.  Each little herring weights 7 grams. 

QUESTION: How many seven gram herring in 28,000 tons of fish?

Conversion chart (<<LINK)

Answer: four billion, sixty-four million baby fish.  Alas.


jocalodave said...

Just when one of your interests (gardening) has you coming up smelling like a rose, you get wrapped up in something like this sardine calculation. There is definitely something fishy about such an obsession.

My son and I used to enjoy periodic visits to Long John Silver's back in the joint custody days. I'm sure it's a nice break from the institutional food you get at home -- but again with the fish??

You're going to have to start wearing a captain's hat and smoking one of those short pipes...

toot! ....  toot!

jacsher said...

Always enjoy your journal.  I might even give Long John another try after that good commercial in the last entry.  But I do like ardines!