Friday, May 25, 2007

Telemarketing, Spamming, and Junk Maililing

Just because I have a telephone, I don't think that is an open invitation to send me ads on it.  I get several calls a day about my "mortgage" or my "credit card" account.  I have no mortgage and my credit cards have a zero balance.  Mike from "Dish" calls almost everyday.  My landlord will not allow me to put up a Dish antenna.

Just because  I have a computer online, that is not an open invitation to send me advertisements in my email.  I delete dozens of spam messages daily.

Just because I have a mailing address it is not an invitation to send me dozens of advertisements daily.  I throw away dozens of paper advertisements daily calling it Junk Mail.

Advertisers have gone nuts. 

There ought to be a law against Telemarketing, Spamm, and Junk Mailing.

It would sure put one huge industry out of business.  I know advertisers pay for Google, AOL, and radio and television programs, but we pay the price when we buy, anyway. 

Years ago, advertisers were allowed ONE MINUTE out of evey fifteen minutes on the air.  Wasn't that nice?  We got a two minute spiel about Jello with each Jack Benny show.  He used to sneak in a plug by saying "Jello again, this is Jack Benny."  But that was acceptable. 

We see the same commercials over and over and over.  The advertisers have stolen the airwaves... and they belong to US.

And we accept it.  We are sheep.  We have been brainwashed. I'm mad as Hell, but I will keep on taking it.  Alas.


madcobug said...

Chuck have you registered your phone with the National Do Not Call list? Some of the small companies still can call but the telemarkers in the majority have to abide by these rules. It really cut back on the number of calls we used to get. I believe it is good for three years then you have to do it again. Here is the website if you haven't done it. Helen

ggjack7 said...

I'll tell you one thing I do with junk mail that also sends a prepostage envelope, I understand if we throw them away the cost is very minamal to the sender, but if we send it back they pay double, so I take everything out, place a small nondescript note paper saying no thank you, I don't sign it, just send it.
I don't get many of the callers that try to sell me something, but when I did I would say can you wait just one minute I really want hear this, put the phone down go out to the trash can, check the garden, talk to a neighbor, when I came back they were gone.  But i really like your approach just belly ache on a blog, thanks it brings a smile to my face. gg