Saturday, May 26, 2007

Senior Dementia

One senior lady here locks her door at night, yet, people come in and steal her money, her jewels, and her wine. She reports these thefts to the office, but they do NOT call the police.  She is currently in an argument with next door neighbor lady whom she says stole $80 from her.

My tablemate has someone reach into her room nights and steal her laundry bag, with her dirty laundry.  The bag gets returned but not the laundry.  She says she is running out of underwear.

One of our card players hated rainy weather because "Those people come in from outside and get into my bed with their muddy shoes on."  They also brought animals with them and left them in her room.  There were "animals" on her walls.

It is easy to recognize the senior dementia in my fellow residents.  Not so easy to recognize my own.

A care giver comes and checks on us every two hours.  Sometimes I am asleep when he shines his flashlight on me, and other times, I keep my eyes closed and feign sleep.  He always locks the door when he leaves.  However, between his visits I hear someone walking around in the other room of my two room apartment.

Now, I know the door is locked, but I HEAR someone in the next room.  It sounds so real I sit up in bed and try to peer around the corner into the room, but it is dark. 

I know that senior lady has misplaced her money and jewelry and drunk her own wine, and I know that tablemate's laundry will return, and that the card player's animals require no feeding, but, tell me. who is the person who walks around in the other room of my apartment at night?


madcobug said...

Maybe you have a ghost Chuck. Helen

frankandmary said...

Several times I have shared your entries with my father who is 85, suffers from dementia & lives in a facility also. Stealing her wine!  Dad would MAKE them call the police for sure. ~ Mary

jckfrstross said...

can you get a night light? put it up in the other room i bet the footsteps stop


tellsg said...

Thats strange about the footsteps, if I were you I'd get up and have a look to see who it is.  Hugs, Terry x

mavarin said...

Maybe the sound is actually coming from the hallway, or two rooms away.  What you describe from the others reminds me of Thurber's relatives in My Life and Hard Tmes, except far less comic.  Still, I think it's pretty clear you still have a lot on the ball - be glad of that!

plieck30 said...

I don't know but I bet my bottom dollar you will find out Chuck. Paula

tendernoggle said...

My first thought is: Who else has key ???? I would leave a light on in there...The other folks there may have denentia, but not you Chuck!
love ya,

ggjack7 said...

I always keep a small light on in my living room which is right next to my bedroom, then I watch TV to keep out the other noises, you have a few years on me, but you still seem sharp as a tack, take care. gg

plittle said...

I'm telling you...Hamster Pixies!

sylviam4000 said...

The noises from the other room, is probably your bottle of wine going walkabout Chuck. Keep laughing, you aint lost your grey matter yet, not by a long way.
Love Sylvia xx