Wednesday, May 23, 2007


A can of "tiny tots" Norwegian sardines weighs about three ounces and costs about three and half dollars.  Wow.  What is that per pound?  Never-the-less, it is what I grew up on, and when I want to treat myself, regardless of price, that is what I choose. "Tiny tots" are indeed, tiny, being immature herring and are packed a dozen or so..."like sardines".. in a can.

The normal sardines I usually buy cost about a dollar and a quarter.  They are not nearly as tasty.  They are large, like bait fish, and three fill a can. They make a good late night snack, BUT they only whet the appetite for little "real" sardines.

I love to go to Long's Drug store and cruise the aisles in my scooter.  The main center aisle is always loaded with the featured sales items and full of surprises. Sometimes it rivals a tour of the 99 cent store in entertainment value.

While touring Long's bargain aisle I came upon eight ounce cans of sardines for 99 cents.  "Can't be very good," I thought, "but they are cheap.  I'll take a chance."  I bought ONE CAN.

I put them aside when I got home.  Yesterday, I opened the bargain can of sardines, and LO and BEHOLD, it was full of "tiny tot" baby herrings.  For 99 cents I had purchased a wonderful snack that would have cost eight dollars at the market.

What a repast I had.  Baby smoked herring, with crackers, while drinking Mountain Dew, and watching the San Francisco Giants beat Houston on television.

Life can be sweet some evenings.


madcobug said...

You really got a bargain on those sardines. I myself don't like them but my daughter does. Helen

msecz said...

yummy and they are good for you too. you got a good buy. wonder if there are any left. I don't mind the 3 in a can with the mustard sauce but I too like the tiny ones

firestormkids04 said...

Whenever hubby opens a can, I say "eeewww!"  But he loves them, I buy them and we are both happy!  Well, as long as he doesn't open the can near me, LOL. Oh, and I'm headed to Longs.  Blessings, Penny

ggjack7 said...

Hi Chuck, I just wandered over from Penny's place, I enjoy your journal very much, drop by my site when you get a chance. gg