Sunday, May 13, 2007

Shopping Goof

It's only the second time it has ever happened to me.  I get home and find someone else's purchase in my bag.  I bought artichokes (at 50 cents each) and some bargain mayonnaise.  There was long hold up at check out. The person ahead of me was using a debit card and the machine did not want to take it... for three tries. So then she wrote a check. She got cash change, and she bought Lotto tickets.  The clerk was thoroughly flummoxed

When I got home I had a package of salad makings in with my artichokes.  I don't mind, but imagine how that lady is going to react when she goes to make supper.

Thus once happened to me at Wal*Mart.  There was confusion at check out.  When I got home I had items I didn't buy in my bags, BUT this time I didn't have everything I bought and paid for.  Someone else got those.  And it was about forty dollars worth. Oh, my.  I never got that straightened out.

So, shopping today was an adventure, or what passes for adventure when you are old. 

In my life, I have walked away  without my change far more times than I have been short changed.  In fact, I have been over-changed from time to time. At times I have accepted my change and walked away without my merchandise. When I was on the other side of the counter, working at the photo counter of a discount store, sometimes people would walk away leaving their wallets or their purses on the counter.

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