Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Apropos - More Than a Funny Word

First, let's see what the spell checker does with Apropos. (You can imagine how I spelled it to begin with.)

But now that I have it spelled right... I wonder how I was going to begin with it.  The Title of this entry was to have been Apropos of Nothing.

Apropos, now I have lost my train of thought, I went to bed at Midnight, and rose at five a.m. and that is five hours sleep, which means I will need a nap this afternoon.  That's okay, I have no appointments.

I pace my life with the appointments I have to make with three doctors (Primary care, Prostate, Kidney), the shots they give, and the Dentist.  A week without an appointment is rare. The Dentist and the Kidney doctor are within scooter distance, so I can go whenever I like, but the Primary Doctor and the Prostate Doctor require that I go on the bus operated by the old folks home, and that is available only on Monday and, well, so that is a headache.

Anyway, I got up at five a.m. and made tea and wrote this entry.  It is apropos of nothing, and that is too bad.  It also explains why my readership is down to you few loyal followers, bless you, who have me on alerts.

Where is the wit and wisdom that got me mentioned twice in AOL "picks of the week"?  Gone, faded, failed. Alas.  It is entries like this that will be the coup de grace. ( Let the spell checker deal with that for a while). 


madcobug said...

Your sleeping sounds about like mine Chuck. Sleep for a couple of hours, wake up and stay awake for about 2 or 3 then back to the bed for a couple more hours for few more winks. Hope your day goes well. Helen

mawmellow said...

Even tho you don't think your journaling is up to par, I STILL enjoy it !!  Keep writing......I'll always be here to read it !  

kateh2ocolorart said...

An art instructor on video I watched yesterday said, if you have 25 paintings going, you don't have to worry about creating THE painting.  I think it must be like journal entries...or any other kind of writing...keep doing them, and the master pieces crop up amongst the weeds!