Sunday, November 25, 2007


The AOL welcome screen invited me to try Bingo on AOL Games. So I did..

The screen showed a Bingo card and the computer began announcing the calls out loud. "B-11, N-38..." it called, and on and on.  I attempted to mark my Bingo card and play the game, no luck.  Couldn't mark the card.

"Never mind,:" thought I, and clicked the X in the upper right corner.

"G-51, O-70,: droned the computer, ignoring my attempt to turn it off. Left click,right click. On it went. The program wouldn't stop, so I tried to shut down AOL...left click and right click on the uppermost X.

"I-20, B-7," went the computer.

I had to shut the computer off to get it to stop. I was afraid that when I  turned it on this morning that it would begin calling Bingo numbers at me. Whew, it did not. I won't try that program again.

AOL may be trying the trick some Porno channels use...disabling the "stop" command.  Some porno channels get you into their sites and do not let you go.  In their case, I used to blame myself. "Well, that's what you get for choosing sleazy sites," I would tell myself. "What did you expect?"

But it is not what I expected from AOL.


garnett109 said...

try hitting the esc button on your keyboard that is the escape button.

astaryth said...

If you want to try an online bingo, go to They have a pretty good one. Actually they have a couple of them :)   They have both free and subscription games. I am a member because I enjoy some of the games that aren't free, but G (my boyfriend) plays the free version over there because he loves backgammon, and that is one of the free games.

For a program you can't get out of, try right clicking on the start bar and choosing task manager. Sometimes you can shut stuff down from there you can't otherwise.

madcobug said...

I have played bingo on the site also and it worked like it should. Helen

tendernoggle said...

You were least you got to HEAR the caller and get a CARD!!! I never got in there! lol ...Well.....considering what you had to go through...maybe I was the lucky one!
love ya,

mavarin said...

Chances are your computer ran out of RAM.  Mine does all the time.  Still, I wouldn't put it past AOL to have glitchy software. - Karen

plieck30 said...

I have played the pogo games  since I got my computer in 2000 and I love them especially the word games. I think they are very good for my mind. Paula