Friday, November 16, 2007

Google and the Rose Freak

Google you know.  That is the Internet search service which was named "google" for a reason. A googol is an integer, a whole number, followed by 100 zeros. That is a number so big it might describe a "light year" in inches. And that is the sort of the search that Google does.  It looks over the whole internet and gives you a link to EVERY site that mentions your inquiry. 

Rose Freak you know.  That is me.  I noticed a new rose plant in the garden near the flag pole. Never noted it before.  I loved the small pink blossoms and the tall towering straight stem reaching upward toward the flag above. I wondered what variety of rose it was.

I noticed that the gardener had left a tag near the base of the bush, and I tried to read it, but it was rather weathered.  I made out "miniature" but what is was a miniature of..I could not read.  I pulled the tag off, and wiped it clean. The rose is a "Tootie Miniature", and tag says it will be either 16 or 76 inches tall... I couldn't read the tag.  It is already more than three feet tall, so I guess it is going to make 76 inches before long.

"Well," said I, "I will just Google Tootie Miniature and learn about this interesting plant." And here the plot thickens.

When I googled "Tootie Miniature Rose", without using the quotation marks, Google returned a google-sized number of pages with every reference found in the Internet to Tootie AND miniature AND rose.

And Google even guessed that when I asked for Tootie, I may have meant Tootsie, and gave me links to every seller of Tootsie toys. It also gave me links to sellers of miniature Snauzers, Dobermans, and Poodles. It linked me with breeders of miniature horses, builders of miniature houses and cars, and even sewers of mini-skirts. And it gave me links to every florist who sells roses...and that is all of them. 

I selected a breeder of miniature azaleas and visited his site.  He had lots of roses, so I spent an hour enjoying pictures of dozens of varieties of roses with fanciful names like Evening Flame, and Lovestruck.  But no Miniature Tootie

It was like most of my research.  Fun and games, but no real information. Google is better entertainment than research.
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jaykolb said...

Oops.  Correction, Chuck.  "Google" is the search engine, and "Googol" is the number (see  No relationship between the two.


jaykolb said...

Well, the link I gave in the previous entry says it didn't find a match, then LISTED the match immediately below.  Ho hum.  Try


garnett109 said...

try roses first  as in roses the tooties kind?

chasferris said...

Thanks, Silk.   I changed the topic sentence to reflect the definition given in TechEncyclopaedia, the link you gave.

mavarin said...

Try this: Google with quotation marks. Type or paste the following exactly as I have it:

"Tootie Miniature" rose -Tootsie -poodle -toy

The quotes tell it to look for the whole phrase only. the - tells it not to include pages with those words.


monponsett said...

Take a picture of it... I'll find out what it is for you. My friend owns a nursery.

monponsett said...

... and email the pic to me... because I drink a lot of wine, and may forget to check back on this particular entry.