Wednesday, November 28, 2007

December Blues

   Dave Burke, Wandering Dave, has given me the assignment of trying to keep him from having the December Blues while he is on the road this Christmas.  I accept the challenge.

   I won't be easy. The Christmas season has already started on television and in the malls and discount houses. This first week after Thanksgiving featured dozens of sitcoms trotting out their Christmas special re-runs. It can only get worse as December rolls on.  The specials are all written so they can have heart warming sentimental emotonal tags. Fine. But long before Christmas actually gets here our hearts are not warmed... they are warmed over.  Like the Thanksgiving turkey. Sentiment goes stale.

   Adding to the difficulty of keeping Dave fresh and up-beat during the season is the fact that I get a little "down" myself. Today, nothing seemed right. It was little things that bugged me, but they seemed to bunch up.

   My wheel chair jammed on a shoe, my tablemate is absent from the table for the fourth day, my table is protruding into the aisle today, other wheel chairs block the aisle, and worst of all. the menu consisted of chicken, again, and pasta, again, and green beans, again. Petty? Yes, I am.  Today.

   When you find yourself cranky and bothered by little "nothings", blame it on the December Blues.

   So, Dave, we have to begin by acknowledging that the things that are bothering us this next month are little things, and then finding the cheerfult thangs to rejoice in.  If our hearts are warmed-over instead of warmed, then we rejoice because they are being warmed and not attacked. Who would want a heart attack at Christmas? 

   We can learn to think like kids again, and love the excitment. Weren't those days beautiful? If the gift you find in your stocking is dreadful, look around.  There's a pony somewhere.


kateh2ocolorart said...

You and Dave should read "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff (and it's all small stuff)"

Also, get lots of 10 minute sessions of sunshine when you can...helps the mood!

garnett109 said...

If you dig through enough horse shit your bound to find that horse