Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dribble Fan Club

I'm like a bit player on television. I'm excited the first time somebody recognizes me in public. I'm puffed up and proud.

I was rolling down the hall in ugly baggy shorts, without hearing aids, on my way home from the exercise room (I rowed three miles today, thank you,) and passed fellow resident Doris, sitting in hall with a visitor, and she mentioned my name.

"You're Chuck Ferris?" He introduced himself and said, "I read your Dribble. I read David Burke's blog, and sometimes I click on yours." Even without hearing aids I heard that.

Wow, I must be on Dave's sidebar, and, oh oh, I haven't put him on mine. Sorry, Dave, I'll attend to that. I was astounded to meet a reader, and except for the "sometimes"  I was pretty puffed up.

If this keeps up, I may start a fan club.  Anyone for a Dribble T-shirt?
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madcobug said...

And now you have a fan club. Glad that you got in all that rowing today. Helen

garnett109 said...

I'll buy a few hats, shirts and ties

desannie said...

I'll join your club.  I read your posts everyday.  Shall we call ourselves the "Old Folks Club"?  Annie

tendernoggle said...


jckfrstross said...

i want one :)


jocalodave said...

Ha Ha.

Welcome to the world of the "slightly" famous, Chuck.

Being identified as you were means you may suffer guilt by association, though!

By the way, if you can find a sponsor, my son the cartoonist, for a small fee, can make a cartoon logo for your T-Shirts and other memorabilia. I can see it now, pants halfway up your chest, on your riding machine with a special framework attached (Rube Goldberg style) to hold a keyboard and one of those around-the-neck harmonica holders.

Of course, you'd be coming off some kind of hill, like Calvin and Hobbes on their red wagon.

"It's Chuck Ferris and Dribble..."
"You've read the blog."
"You bought the T-Shirt"
"Now, see his You-Tube collection and download MP3 music"
"Coming soon... The old folks' home WEBCAM"

valphish said...

I would probably wear a Dribble T-Shirt!  Happy Thanksgiving, Chuck!  Love, Val xox

jmorancoyle said...

    Can I join?

plieck30 said...

I have a tee for everything else so why not you fan club. I have been reading it a long time. Paula