Friday, November 9, 2007

Weekend Assognment #190 - Boredom

John Scalzi in his journal By The Way asks us to tell something we did as kids to alleviate boredom. And for extra credit to tell what has bored us most lately.

   There was NO television, alas, and kid's radio programs didn't start until 5:45 p.m. when Little Orphan Annie came on... to be followed by Jack Armstrong, All American Boy.

   So, kids would gather in vacant lots and have Weed Bomb Fights.  If you tug a clump of grass it will come up with a ball of mud clinging to the roots.  Makes a wonderful missile. The grass makes a tail and guides it unerringly to the head of the "enemy". Talk about the sting of a hit during a Dodge Ball game...that is nothing like getting whomped with a Weed Bomb. 

   Adults get bored too. You'll know just how bored I was when I tell you what I had to resort to: the Bible.  I took certain Psalms and rewrote them, in modern English poetry.  I impressed myself.  I wish I could remember any of them, but you at least see how bored I must have been.


garnett109 said...

have a great weekend chuck and stay away from boredom!

msecz said...

wow I have never heard of weed bombs.... what a group you hung around with.... we had dirt hills and during the war we played war on those hills and then I had bad dreams at night.... I think the boys liked those games and there wasn't anything else for us to do ......... so us girls played too. so happy when that war ended but I still have bad dreams about it. I bet you do too. We rode our bikes and roller skated when we finally got a bike and roller skates.

valphish said...

I remember throwing dirt clumps as kids, too.  LOL  xox

monponsett said...

We played football in the mud once, and my mother wouldn't let us back into the house. We had to spray each other down with the hose on the lawn, and it was like November.

jmorancoyle said...

    We used to play kick the can, using the entire block for boundaries. Or we played baseball and softball all the time.