Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Living in a Virtual World

I seem to be living in a virtual world these days.  As I exercise I goad myself to reach my daily goal with virtual rewards. I imagine I will reap some benefit if I make "four" miles on the rowing machine.  I am not really "rowing" and my reward is not real eithers.

Furthermore, I dream about walking again, and that makes me feel like I have really been walking.  My latest walking adventure I have posted in the Dream Depository

Wake up, Chuck.


garnett109 said...

In my dreams I'm running in bare feet all the time, then i wake up disappointed

desannie said...

I've never tried to analyze it but all my life I've walked -even danced in my dreams and I've never walked without crutches. I now use a powerchair.  Maybe it's a denial thing.  Annie

jocalodave said...

Beware those holiday blues, Chuck.

You're reaping benefits, my friend; so keep pulling on those oars.

And count your blessings: if you take a spill it will be easy to tread "water" while you wait for the rescue team.

I'll NOT be home for Christmas, so part of your job next month is keeping ME from getting the blues.

Merry Merry

kateh2ocolorart said...

For all those who dream about walking...it's not really about the walking, is it?  Dreams are symbolic...so walking, running, flying, falling, singing whatever...what are they for YOU?
End of pompous postulating!  Hugs, Kate