Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Orange Tree

It would drive you Easterners wild. In my almost-private courtyard is a huge orange tree, loaded with huge ripe oranges. And nobody picks 'em.

Most are too high for the senior residents to reach. So where does the kitchen staff get the oranges they serve in the dining room? The store.  It is easier.

So these gorgeous oranges go to waste.  They hang tantalizingly on the tree until they are too ripe to hold on. Then the fall into the courtyard, but it by then it is too late to enjoy them. The gardener scoops them up and throws them away

I enjoy the few I can reach fron my wheel chair.  It is a treat to have an orange tree of my very own, for my personal use.

Envy me, I relish in it.


msecz said...

 maybe you can get an extension of some kind to pick some more.... ask around  I m sure they make them. I can almost taste those sweet oranges now...yummmm

plieck30 said...

We had an orange tree here in south texas when I was growing up. They were about the size of a lemon and bitter as could be. We also had a lemon tree and the lemons were about the size of a grapefruit and didn't have much taste. Don't know what happened. Paula

garnett109 said...

You are right not only do I envy the orange tree but roses up until November.
Green in Pa.

jocalodave said...

Get a monkey.

Any self-respecting monkey will climb up in the tree, pick oranges and throw them down at you.

A good monkey can come in handy in non fruit related ways, too.

Yeah. What you need is a monkey.

jckfrstross said...

maybe one of your grandkids will come and help you pick some? get one of those grabber things maybe you could pick a few more:)


valphish said...

DANG, you know how much more our oranges cost up here in PA?  And I LOVE oranges!!  Now you go get a ladder and you climb up and you box them for me, Chuck!!  LOL  xox