Sunday, January 6, 2008

Another New Version of AOL

Another new version of AOL?  Yep.  V 9.1.

So I downloaded it and installed it, like a good little boy.  And of course, getting used to it is bear.

I had to re-establish my toolbar.  I worked about half an hour on that... looking up my favorite sites and choosing an icon for them, and putting them on the tool bar.  So the first time I signed on....they're NOT there.  Why? Oh, my.  Do I have to do it all again? and will they stay this time?

AND I seem to get booted as much as before.  AND now AOL appears in the middle of other activities... like my using my media player.  I was listening to a book on CD and was involved in the story, when whoops... here came AOL instead.

With the new AOL you can check the weather and the news without signing on.  Big deal...signing on takes only a click of the mouse.  If you want to read your mail it signs you on anyway.  HO HUM

So AOL has a new version.  That's news?



madcobug said...

I have been getting notices about the newer version but haven't downloaded it yet. I read some of the rules that said you have to purchase a certain amount of their products or at least that is what I thought it meant so I am just sticking to this one for now. Helen

garnett109 said...

go free i did free is great

desannie said...

Won't change until they MAKE me!  Have drug my heels in on every "upgrade" so far and I've been with them since '94.  Annie

valphish said...

I changed, too.  I was annoyed for a day, but I am happy now.  I didn't have problems with  my toolbar at all.  Wonder why you are??  Hmmm... I was getting booted off alot the first day, too, but not anymore.  Bugs, bugs, get out the bugs!  Love, Val xox

plieck30 said...

Something told me not to install that. Paula