Wednesday, January 30, 2008

George Washington Found Alive


Conventional wisdom and history have always indicated that the First President of the United States, George Washington, was born in 1732 and died in 1799. But a most startling discovery has shown that Washington’s life was saved by a special Envoy, traveling from the twenty fourth century, and that his life has been extended, and will be extended at least to the year 2353, and probably beyond. George Washington is alive today, living in seclusion at a secret location, guarded by a couple of time travelers.

The time travelers are themselves immortal, their lives extended by Methusium, which will be discovered in the twenty fourth century, and will in those days be available to anyone who wants it.

Methusium will have been invented, or you might say, discovered, a year before the expedition to 1799 to save Washington. Time travel was relatively new also, and the expedition to bring Methusium to George Washington is the first organized trip in time.

The committee to select the subject to have extended life was international, inter-racial, and ecumenical, and debated over which person to extend. Other subjects were considered: Jesus, Mohammed, Confusios, Kennedy, Lincoln, whom we are familiar with, and Harkwriter and Merton, who are yet unborn and whose history we do not know. Washington was chosen because of his historical significance, the expedition being funded by World States, an outgrowth of the United States, and because he was more “expendable” than the others, in case the experience of the largely experimental expedition were unsuccessful. Jesus was resurrected briefly and successfully, and we have documentation of that expedition in Matthew and Luke.

The expedition to immortalize Stalin was unsuccessful and his remains were returned to his glass coffin in Moscow without any contemporaries awareness.

The substance Methusium was well known in biblical times, but not by that name. The name was applied after its rediscovery by time travelers, who named it after its longest user, Methusila, who used it to reach the age of 969 years before he decided to discontinue using it. All supplies of the substance had been destroyed by influential persons “for the good of humanity” about three thousand years ago. Early time travelers had been able to bridge that gap in years and obtain a supply of Methusium which had been common at one time.

Once Washington was selected, the expedition visited Mount Vernon, prevented physicians from bleeding him to death, and transported him physically to the year 2354, treated him with Methusium, and retuned him to 1799, sequestered him, and staged his funeral. He is NOT buried at Mount Vernon, but is alive and well somewhere in Colorado. It was hoped to have Washington watch political events and give lectures on history from his perspective, having lived through the creation of the United States. This he steadfastly refuses to do.

He is reportedly appalled at the National scene and the international relations of the United States today and refuses to connect that nation with the one he help found. He has only the briefest knowledge of the World States to come, having visited the future so briefly, but that limited view was not to his liking.



garnett109 said...

Yeah I heard that too , he is living with elvis

madcobug said...

Ha ha, I hope you don't really believe all that. You have the tag right.  Helen

nemokat05 said...

ummmm really!

msecz said...

The only problem is we won't be alive then to know it is true, darn


plittle said...

My favourite part of this: "...Harkwriter and Merton, who are yet unborn and whose history we do not know..." It's little bits of throw-away detail like that which elevate writing to a higher level. Nicely done.

sunnybethe said...

Were you a History or English teacher?  


jocalodave said...

This tale reminds me of another I heard some years back.

It seems that Mozart was found in a cave somewhere in one remote mountain range or another. The report described the old master sitting at a table erasing lines of musical notation from manuscript pages by candle light. Blank sheets were scattered around the cave, reflecting years of effort. There may have been a case of pink gum erasers on a shelf somewhere...

Anyway, the ageless maestro was asked what he was doing in this isolated cave. His response was simple: "I'm decomposing."