Friday, January 4, 2008

Exciting Morning at the Old Folks Home

   After breakfast, I went back to bed.  I lay under the covers and looked out the sliding glass door into the courtyard.  The wind was wildly blowing the trees about.

   I am sure I lose a lot of heat through the large glass panel, but it stays 75 degrees F. inside, so who cares? As long as the power stays on... let it blow.

   Then I snoozed some more until ten am.  Don't you wish YOU were retired too?



garnett109 said...

chuck , 8 years of being disabled, naw Id rather be fishing

msecz said...

yes, we are retired and I sat in my recliner after my breakfast to look at the election results and fell asleep for an hour........ Something about that recliner that makes me fall asleep even after getting my 8 hours of sleep.... must be the weather, very cold here but the sun is shinning now. Hope you have a nice day

madcobug said...

We have glass sliding doors here and I know a lot of cold air comes in. Hubby and I put some sticky rubber weather stripping to help. Thing is if you get too close to the doors it squeaks against the glass when opening and closing them so we had to watch that. It sure help to keep the cold air out in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Helen

bamawmn46 said...

Some days, yes... I do wish I were 'retired', but I have way to long to go to get there, so I try not to think about it!!

I get to sleep in tomorrow morning!!!!!  Stay safe with those terrible storms you guys are having!!


firestormkids04 said...

My hubby still gets up early, but I tend to snooze later, until 10 am or so.  I love to watch the ch. 5 news while snuggled in the bed.  Yep, I love retirement. I'd settle for less disability, however.  God Bless you, Penny

valphish said...

I sort of am.  I am disabled.  LOL  But my home isn't 75 degrees.  LOL  I wish it were!  I am in PA and I ran out of oil.  Old darn house.  My home is 200 years old and has an old, old furnace.  I burn through $300 worth of oil in 4 weeks.  So I am only using space heaters.  It can get sooooooo cold in my apartment.  LOL  Can I come stay with you??  LOL  Love, Val xox

tellsg said...

Hmmmm, it all sounds very cosy to me.  Hugs, Tells x