Friday, January 11, 2008

Stalking the Streaker

   A naked guy riding a bicycle. I see him every day.  Who wouldn"t become fascinated?

   We old folks play cards every evening. We use a "Bicycle" Rider Back deck of cards from U.S. Playing Card Company. (Well, two decks, one blue and nne red.) And there his is, stark naked, pedaling his way around our card table.

   Seems no one notices but me,  this daring young man on his wheels.

   I began to wonder, who designed the back of this familiar card?  Does he get royalties?  Or was he just some unnamed employee of the company doing his job?

   So I looked up the card company, and there our little streaker was, He has been riding the backs of playing cards since 1875, and still hasn't earned enough to pay for pair of Jockey Shorts. You gotta love him.



garnett109 said...

chuck stalking is just wrong lmao, you had me there ,i thought you had a reak streaker in the area lmao! thanks

msecz said...

funny but I never noticed he was naked..... just proves I have to pay more attention I guess

bamawmn46 said...

Hhhhmmm... Never noticed.... wonder who the 'model' was...


jocalodave said...

There are VERY FEW activities I would even consider doing while naked. I promise you that RIDING A BICYCLE is way, way over in the never-while-naked column.


kateh2ocolorart said...

Can you be SURE he is naked?  He is a cherub, maybe that is why...they are ALLOWED to be naked as long as they don't show us what gender they are!
HE/SHE could be wearing bikinis!

valphish said...

you're just jealous, Chuck. LOL  Smooch! xox