Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Quiz: Catch Phrases from Television

Quiz: Catch Phrases from Television

From time to time certain catch phrases become popular because they were heard frequently on some television show. Can you identify the television show from the catch phrase you may have heard.

To reveal the answer, left click on your mouse and drag the cursor over the space following the phrase.

Sock it to me Laugh In

Smile, You’re On …. Candid Camera

Meathead All in the Family

Who’s on First? Abbott and Costello

See the USA in your Chevrolet Dinah Shore Show

Sorry about that Get Smart

Hey, Kids, What time is it? Howdy Doody Show

One of these days, Alice, Pow, right to the moon. Honeymooners

I’m thirty-nine Jack Benny

Danger, Will Robinson Lost in Space

Nanoo Nanoo Mork and Mindy

I’m a mean widdle kid Red Skelton

I’m the master of my domain Seinfeld

Beam me up, Scotty Star Trek

Will the real Mr. X stand up To Tell the Truth

Is it bigger than a bread box What’s My Line

And awaaaay we go Jackie Gleason

Hi Yo Silver, away Lone Ranger

‘taint funny, McGee Fibber McGee and Molly

Incoming wounded M*A*S*H

Say the secret word You Bet Your Life withGroucho Marx

Two Thumbs Up Siskel and Ebert At the Movies

This tape will self destruct Mission Impossible


msecz said...

I was just watching the primaries and it looks like you can go tell your friend Hillary won this time.... yipee!!!!!!!!

chasferris said...

I first heard the news about Hillary from you.  thank you Sandra for cheering me.  I hope she was good news for you too.

plittle said...

For Get Smart, I would have chosen, "missed it by that much!" You might be interested to know that, while the phrase, "beam me up, Scotty" is immediately connected to Star Trek in the minds virtually everybody, those words were never uttered, in exactly that order, in the history of the show.

garnett109 said...

got 9 wrong, great quizz thanks!

desannie said...

I watch too much TV.  I missed only 4.  Annie

jmorancoyle said...

    I got most of these.