Saturday, January 12, 2008

Even More Evidence

Even MORE evidence that  I should not be allowed out of the old folks home without a leash: see case #1 below.

Case #2:  I noticed that large ripe avocados were $1.99 eachNaturally I passed.  So far so good.

   I noticed that small, golf ball sized avocados were $1.39 each.  Naturally I passed.  Still on track.

   I noticed that bags of avocados were $3.99 per bag. No thanks,

   On the bargain, "today only" rack I found a package of four avocados for 89 cents.  Did that tell me anything.... that is 22 cents each?  No, I bought the package.

   At home I found I had bought four rotten avocados and I threw them all in the trash.  Money wasted and no avocados to eat.

   Ho hum.  It is hell to get old and senile.


madcobug said...

What an unproductive day you had Chuck. You just lost all around didn't you. Helen

garnett109 said...

yep i'd be mad also , that lady shook you up.