Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The story grows...

Bartholomew Krumm unholstered his Multiplex, took aim, and fired, and Lazarus Retch fell to the ground and lay screaming. Krumm reset his Multiplex to Restore, and shot Retch again. Retch stopped screaming and lay gasping for breath.

In a moment he stopped gasping long enough to utter, “Why did you plex me?”

“I asked you nicely, and you didn’t move. Then I warned you and you still blocked my way in.”

“You were not invited, and you are not welcome, and plexing your way in will not help.”

“The meeting is about my future, so I am going to be heard.”

Lazarus touched a small insignia on his uniform and spoke, “Krumm is here, and is coming in.” He paused and then answered an unheard voice, “I did try to stop him and he plexed me. I have the burns to thank me for my effort.” He struggled to sit up. Krumm held out his hand and helped Retch to a sitting position. Then he stepped around the stunned guard and entered the doorway.

It was the most important action of his life.

The committee sat, waiting for Krum to make his demands known. They were about to vote that all elected officials work for social security benefits alone...and HE was a Senator! 

   Krum was anchored into position, ready for war. Lazarus paused in the doorway, his hand wafting just over the handle of his Megaplexor. No sound was heard for several seconds.
   Krum hurled the first of his insults with such power, three of the seven committee members jumped. "YOU CROMPLE WILLARD BEASTS! I DEMAND THE RELEASE OF THE QUEEN OF CROMPET CARTER'S HOMAGE NOW!"

The committee had expected retalition for their capture of the Queen, but from a single warrior. Several members exchanged glances before the Lord Potentate spoke.

"SIR, ORDER FROM YOU WE DEMAND! We will not accept your violent eruption without venom!"

Just then, Krumm tilted his head and that is all it took. The next he heard was...


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garnett109 said...

keep up the good work i'm enjoying it so far

kateh2ocolorart said...

" the highest bidder!"