Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Senior Sillies

Last evening, a neighbor, an eighty year old lady, came down the hall wearing only a T-shirt.  She looked, naturally, confused.

She said, "I'm glad to see you.  Tell me, does my son live here, in this building?"

"No.  He lives in this town, but not in this building."

"Well, Don't my parents own this building?"

"No, this building is owned by Mr. Michael. We all rent from him."

"That sounds familiar.  My parents are dead, of course, but I thought the building...."

   A care giver came and led her back to her room.

   Senior silliness is contagious.  After a seven hour sleep, an excellent sleep for me, I got up and, just for fun, dressed in the dark.  No reason.  Just because.  I had a little trouble finding one of my hearing aids and had to use a pocket flashlight for that. In the dark I rolled to the computer, turned it on, and made this entry.

   All in the dark.  Call it Senior Silliness.


garnett109 said...

that's in my family my aunt is about 66 and has alzhiemers and she is confused, my mom took her out for her birthday and she kept calling my mom louise , moms name is florence

plieck30 said...

Nothing wrong with senior silliness as long as you realize you are being silly. lol That is just fun for a change. Paula