Friday, January 11, 2008

Life in the Old Folks Home

 Life in an old folks home is just like life on the school yard.  Got me trying to remember what the teacher did when there were kids who wouldn't play by the rules. 

   I went to play Bingo. One sweet old lady refused to play by the rules, and the situation escalated until she was telling the Activity Director to “Stick ’em up your…. “ and saying, “And what if I hit you….you have lots of witnesses.” Made me try to remember what the teachers did when there were kids who wouldn’t play by the rules.

   The game went on, and people ignored the ill-tempered senior.  She didn't actually hit, but she threatened to.  Is that more or less disruptive than the old fellow who took his pants off during the sing-along, or the senior citizen who steals everyone else's juice and even drinks out of the ketchup bottle?

   Is a 99 pound 87 year old lady a real threat to anyone? How much irrasicibilty is allowed... (and how do you spell "irrasacibilty", anyhow?)


garnett109 said...

naked karaoke love it !
chuck behave you took naked guy to the card table before , thanks for the laugh my friend!

jocalodave said...

Years ago, I worked as a playground leader while attending college. I decided that life on the playground was described quite well by John Locke (he called it "the state of nature).

I agree that the "state of old folks homes" is similar, in many ways, to the state of playgrounds and, by extension, the state of nature...

"Locke argues that in the 'state of nature,' the right to enforce the 'law of nature' belongs to each individual. Each individual in the 'state of nature' has the right to punish those who cause wrongful injury to his own life, liberty, or property. Punishment for any act of disobedience to the 'law of nature' should be proportional to the magnitude and gravity of the offense, and should provide both an adequate reparation for that offense and an adequate deterrence to future offenses."

By the way, the now-accepted response to "you have to play by the rules!" is "RULES? RULES? We don't need no stinking RULES!"

sylviam4000 said...

Have just moved to a smaller, more manageable, house; with many elderly neighbours. I tell yer Chuck, if they don't know anything about yer around 'ere, they make it up - until one of 'em is brave enough to "grill" me. One neighbour was delighted to be asked in for a cuppa - so she could tell the others what sort of furniture I've got - it's true. Another one keeps waylaying son when he visits us - to do their odd jobs. He tried sneaking in the back gate yesterday, during a downpour - "Robert, Robert, can you dig that bush by the fence up, before you go please?". For once my Robert was "very sorry, but have dashed over to check mum is okay, before I get back to work".
They're great neighbours though, for all their misgivings.
Take care.
Love and Hugs
Sylvia xx