Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Morning

4 AM Sunday morning, I awaken to hear the rain.  It's starting again, and the forecast is for five day's worth.  I rise, transfer to my wheel chair in the dark, and then to my power chair. I pick up a basin and go out the sliding door to leave the basin to gather the wonderful, soft rainwater for delightful drink later.

Back in my room I clap, until I get just the right rhythm to turn on the "clapper" light switch.  It takes not two, as seen in the televsion commercial, but about ten to get the light, but it comes on.

I roll to the bathroom, and then to the computer and switch it on.  Here comes AOL.  According to the news, Obama wins a thousand South Carolina delegates to the Democratic convention.  Oh, well, an AOL survey says a small majority still think that Hillary will win the nomination.

Ah, an early start to a new week, a gentle, sweet rain, Hillary slightly ahead, automatic lights and AOL both working... Life is delicious


garnett109 said...

good morning chuck.
5 day rain , get out the life boats.

bamawmn46 said...

It is almost 8:00 AM Sunday morning here. It is 34 degrees outside and cloudy. I hear the sound of the heat running and think of the huge utility bill I will have next month. I think it might be wise to turn down heat and crawl back into bed to stay warm.

I hope you enjoy your fresh rain water drink!


valphish said...

You drink rainwater?  Is it tasteless?  Is it good?  Interesting.  Sounds like you are having a good start to your Sunday.  Hope the rest of your day went well, Chuck =)!  Hugs!!  Love, Val xox

msecz said...

did they really say he got 1000 I thought there were only 54 all together in South carolina

nemokat05 said...

I used to live in Dayton, Ohio then I moved to Orlando, Florida on 9-9-07... I didn't like Ohio and wanted to see what the world had for me but then Ohio....