Sunday, January 13, 2008

AOL 9.1 -- continued

Grrrr. I have to rebuild my "toolbar" again.  Once again it has vanished. Takes me about half an hour to get it the way I need it. This is the third or fourth time.

AOL, take note.

P.S. "All About Me", the column on the left side of the screen has changed itself to tiny eight point size without my asking.  Now barely readable. Oh, well, I don't think I will bother changing it back...only to have it readjust itself.

   What would I do with myself if I had NO AOL?  I should be grateful for what I do have, and not grumble about tiny frustrations.

   Here I am, up at 4 AM. Messing around with my journal is better than endlessly tossing and turning.


garnett109 said...

go free my friend

jmorancoyle said...

    I lost all my email the other day. Now that made me angry.