Friday, March 4, 2005

Cookie Cutter Cars

Come on, now, give the kids a break. Years ago a kid could stand on the corner watching cars go by and could tell you the make of each. “There’s Packard. That’s a DeSoto. Look, an Essex.”

Now, the cars look so much alike that it would take an expert to tell them apart. Look at the photo I took in our parking lot.

Here’s a Dodge Intrepid next to a Toyota Solara. Except for the tail lights they could have come from the same mold. Farther down the line was a Honda, and something else. I’m sure I can’t tell what the other is. It looks like all the others.


The engineers now must have a giant cookie cutter that shapes them all. They come out of the oven looking alike until the tail lights are pasted on.

Hey, guys, give us a fighting chance to tell your products apart.


mavarin said...

Great illustrations of your point here.  I think the idea since the Taurus has been the aerodynamic wind tunnel look.  But I think it's beginning to change a little - think of the PT Cruiser and the New Beetle.  I don't like the Cruiser, but it does look different. And I've seen at least one other model very recently that doesn't fit the same mold you're pointing out.  We'll see! - Karen

chasferris said...

PS  I think the other was a Nissan

camaroisle050856 said...

         I can't tell the difference between the cars either, and really don't care since they are pretty much the same.  My Dad had a DeSoto, but I was in grade school.  I think the interior in them were great!  I love seeing old cars.  Yesterday my husband and I saw a redone 39 Coupe ( proclaimed on the tag) but they had painted it purple!  I would prefer a more original color of the car.  
        I love watching old movies, even the ones before my time.
I turned half of a century old today.   I don't feel old, just more able to speak my mind because that's one of the perks!  LOL!

Best wishes,

sylviam4000 said...

I can remember in the late 1950's when Vauxhall brought out a model in PINK!
That was a real eye opener in the UK, but those were the days when cars were cars and not lumps of plastic!
Sylvia x

domesticatedchic said...

Yeah it's too bad they cant bring some of the designs back from the old days.. in my fathers time.. they had some cool cars back then.. :) Miss M*