Thursday, March 3, 2005

Trivia -- Name that dog

Trivia -- Name that dog

Person or Character                                                     Dog

Mickey Mouse                                                                   ?

Dagwood Bumstead                                                         ?

Dennis the Menace                                                           ?

Timmy                                                                               ?

Buster Brown                                                                   ?

Orphan Annie                                                                   ?

Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)                                             ?

Nick and Nora Charles                                                   ?

Uncle Elby                                                                      ?

Martin Crane (Frazier)                                                 ?

Lyndon Johnson                                                            ?

Richard Nixon                                                                ?

Franklin Roosevelt                                                         ?

Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz)                                       ?

Skip, Robbie, Chip (My 3 Sons)                                    ?

Roy Rogers                                                                    ?

Our Gang                                                                       ?

Cindi, Paul Chapman                                                       ?

Corporal Lee Duncan                                                    ?

Cosmo Topper                                                               ?

Extra credit: Name the Homeward Bound trio


Person or Character                                                     Dog

Mickey Mouse                                                             Pluto

Dagwood Bumstead                                                    Daisy

Dennis the Menace                                                      Ruff

Timmy                                                                        Lassie

Buster Brown                                                              Tige

Orphan Annie                                                            Sandy

Wendy Darling (Peter Pan)                                         Nana

Nick and Nora Charles                                                 Asta

Uncle Elby                                                              Napoleon

Martin Crane (Frazier)                                               Eddie

Lyndon Johnson                                                 Him and Her

Richard Nixon                                                         Checkers

Franklin Roosevelt                                                           Fala

Dorothy Gale (Wizard of Oz)                                         Toto

Skip, Robbie, Chip (My 3 Sons)                                    Tramp

Roy Rogers                                                                    Bullet

Our Gang                                                             Pete the Pup

Cindi, Paul Chapman                                                        Benji

Corporal Lee Duncan                                               RinTinTin

Cosmo Topper                                                                Neil

Homeward Bound Shadow, Sassy, Chance



mavarin said...

I got 13 right.  Fun stuff! - Karen

plieck30 said...

These were so easy after I saw the answers. Paula

fisherkristina said...

Lassie was the only one I got lol.  One can never forget our dear Lassie. -Krissy