Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rain -- 2

   Did I just write about our gentle rain? (Below)


   It came down for about and hour in sheets. It was the hardest rain I've seen in years.

   The hardest rain I ever saw was while visiting colonial Williamsburg.  I was hatless, a Californian you know, and without rain gear, same reason, and it suddenly cut loose with a cloudbusst you Easterners know, but I had never experienced.  My lady and I ran for the old armory.  The historical significance was lost upon us.  So the Revolutionary War started right here, in this brick building, which kept the militia powder dry, but was too late for us. That was an historic rain for me.  I was as wet as if I had been swimming in my clothes. That rain ended my history tour for the day.  If it had rained that hard in 1775 it might have washed away the insurrection. It could have changed history.

   We would be speaking English today instead of American.


mavarin said...

Huh.  It rained the only time I visited the place, too.  That was in Feb 03. - Karen

ryanagi said...

English instead of American...haha!