Friday, March 4, 2005

Trivia -- Name that Horse

Person or character             Horse

Roy Rogers                                   ?

Dale Evans                                    ?

Hopalong Cassidy                         ?

Gene Autry                                   ?                              

Lone Ranger                                 ?

Tonto                                            ?

Wilbur  Post                                 ?

Peter (Donald O’Conner)             ?

Duchess (“Pet”)                           ?

Tom Mix                                      ?

Barney Google                             ?

Extra credit:

Bill Clinton’s cat                           ?

Pig on Green Acres                     ?


Person or character                   Horse

Roy Rogers                                Trigger

Dale Evans                             Buttercup

Hopalong Cassidy                       Topper

Gene Autry                             Champion

Lone Ranger                                Silver

Tonto                                           Scout

Wilbur Post                                Mr. Ed

Peter (Donald O’Conner)           Francis

Duchess (Pet)                   Black Beauty

Tom Mix                                        Tony

Barney Google                      Sparkplug

Extra credit:

Bill Clinton’s cat                           Socks

Pig on Green Acres                    Arnold


mavarin said...

Oh, I bombed on that one! --Karen

elleme2 said...

The Lone Ranger was the only one I knew...and that only because the call  "Hiyo Silver" still echoes through the years.  Oh. and the Clinton cat...only because it's such recent history.  I was much better at Dogs.

fisherkristina said...

Uh oh, I knew Mr. Ed, Socks, and Arnold the Pig, lol. -Krissy