Friday, March 25, 2005

How to Tell a Joke in an Old Folks Home

Answer:  Don't

The Joke:

Customer in coffee shop
:  I'll have coffee without cream..
:  Sorry, Sir.  We're all out of cream.  You'll have to have it without milk.

The Response: (Laughter?  Well, no)  Silence.

Evaluation:  Maybe they've heard it before.  Or, maybe next time I remember an old joke, I'll bite my tongue before I tell it.


mavarin said...

Aww.  Well, you know how my jokes tend to go over.  Thud. - Karen

plieck30 said...

This is a funny entry and a true one. That is how it is at our senior center. Keep on telling them, maybe someday they will "get it". Paula

valphish said...

I like the joke.  I had to read it twice, though.  Kinda slow today ;-). xox

gypsytrader49 said...

AH-ERRR! What?

dimundntheruf69 said...

huh...I had to read this twice...and my daughter never got it...I had to explain it to