Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain, Rain

    Third day of rain, and three more forecast.  It is 5:30 am, and the gurgling of rain in the downspout gently wakes me.  The rain is light, and I wouldn't even notice it except for the patter in the downspout. 

    It would be easy to engineer a spout that would be silent, but would we want to.  The rain dribbles down the center of the pipe and free falls to spatter on the base, each drop drumming on the flat metal saying, "Here I am.  Hear me.  It's raining.  Again."  We could say "Shhh", by tilting the spout so that the rain would slide down silently.

   But then the storm might pass silently past and we could sleep right through it.  We might miss the whole thing.  I do miss the crashing, thrashing, flashing rain of Missouri.  In Missouri it really knows how to rain, and you don't sleep through one of those downpours. No, Sir.

   "Hush, Children, don't cry.  Just stay here in the storm cellar with Mommy and Daddy, and soon the rain will pass."

   At least each afternoon it has cleared long enough for some outdoor activity. 

   Sunday, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, and I went to Turlock, CA, to have lunch and then watch while daughter accepted an award for painting at an art show. 

   Monday, I took my scooter, and escorted Emma, a resident of the old folks home, on her new scooter, around the parking lot.  We did figure eights, and backed in circles, and parked, and made three point turns in a practice session.  She is very uncertain and hesitant in her driving.  At one point, I parked and waited while she circled the entire lot solo.  I know now how my flying instructor felt when he sent me off around the pattern on my first solo.  But she made it back, though delayed by automobile traffic.  Whew.

   So, rain on, gurgle and splatter.  By the end of summer we will be complaining about cloudless skies and asking, "When's this drought going to end?  We sure could use some rain.". 


herheadsnacloud said...

You have a way of taking me to where you are.............thanks for the escape........B.Lynne

labdancer51 said...

Thanks for making the rain sound so special Chuck.  We are forecast much rain here in the UK, at least for April.  Apparently we haven`t had as much rain as the weather people would like and without the rain in April we will have another drought!  The weather has been warm and sunny this last week, quite hot for the time of year.... Oh well , it was good while it lasted.    :-)   Sandra xxx

mavarin said...

I like this entry a lot.  Thanks. - Karen

mysterynurse2 said...

It is raining here, as I read your journal. Your concept makes me feel better about the rain. I am glad you have been able to enjoy your scooter. Tell Emma to hang in there. :)  Linda

plieck30 said...

I too enjoy the rain coming down the gutters. I never complain, it can get so dry here in south texas. The advertsiments make the scooters look fun. It was so nice of you to help Emma learn the ropes. Paula

ceschorr said...

my goodness, she should take a rid e with my son... he's five of course,.... and knows all about scooter riding/driving.... lol...
i'm surprised he hasn't wrecked us all yet.

however, that was kind of you to do for your friend.  esp. before all that rain!!!! now we all need golf cart tent things over our scooters..... and we wait for spring.....



fisherkristina said...

That was very nice how you helped Emma! -Krissy

jacsher said...

Hey Chuck,  I stop bye every few weeks to see how you are doing.  Seems to be goijng great for you, still helping I see.  Wife and I are heading for the Appalachian Trail in a few weeks.  Hope to finish before our 5oth Anni. next year.  We have 500 miles to go.
Hang in there won't have our confuser with us, but will use some Libraries in New England.  
I get complaints from a cousin about the rain out there.  You handle it better.  Hang in there, and keep on keeping on! Jack