Wednesday, May 25, 2005

C Minus Photo

This is a bad photo.  I know it is.  You cannot see the subject, only his cage.  He is in there, be assured.  I only sumbit this photo to "stay current" in the Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I think the Scavenger Hunt is a great feature and I have been remiss for many weeks.  So here is my homework.  Give me my mediocre grade and move on.

The assignment was a photo of your pet.  This bird, I think it is a Cockatiel, and I think it is a "he", lives in the lobby of our old folks home.  He sings when George plays piano on Tuesdays.  He sang along with the soloist at Eva and Milt's wedding.

He is very selective in his responses.  He mostly stares at me.  For some old folks, like Vera, he will approach the bars of his cage and set up a ruckus when they draw near. For Louis he carries on  "conversation" answering wolf whistle with wolf whistle for the length of the main hallway. 

Cockatiels and parrots are long lived, I'm told.  This one has been around for all my eight years here.  You'd think he'd know me by now. Perhaps he's socially retarded.

No one knows his name, but everybody calls him Pretty Boy. He is pretty and may or may not be a boy.


sylviam4000 said...

Your cockatiel is very lucky. He has folks around all the time to keep him company.

fisherkristina said...

Oh, Pretty Boy is very pretty!  It must be neat to have a bird that sings along with everybody!  He must not be too smart or too nice to not acknowlege you Chuck!  -Krissy  

emfeasel said...


valphish said...

LOL  He only stares at you?!  Start talking to him...maybe he will talk back.  Then again, maybe you do talk to him.  This is very funny! lol  Take care, Chuck! xox

sonensmilinmon said...

I never thought birds would be any fun to have - we have two and they are so entertaining. :-)