Thursday, May 26, 2005

Center of the Universe

One advantage to living in this old folks home, is that is right near everything.  Only if you lived in Manhattan would you be closer to Starbucks, Quizno's sandwiches, Long John Silver Fish and Chips, Carl's Jr., MacDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Domino's Pizza, Sav-Mart Market, Urgent Care Medical Center, Labratory, Pollo Loco, Hometown Buffet, a shopping mall, other restaurants. All within scooter distance.

I went for blood test this morning, skipping whatever form of eggs they were serving here.  then, as long as I was out, went to Carl's Jr, home of the six dollar burger.  (The Six Dollar Burger cost $3.95)  They had a breakfast burger that was a heart attack on a bun.  Hamburger patty, bacon, fried egg, and HASH BROWN POTATOES in a bun.  I ate it all.

I also had a cup of coffee the size of pint jar.

When I was patting myself on the back a few entries below, I thought I was pretty self-agrandizing, but I can't compare to the Channel Islands Roasting Company.  This was printed on the giant paper cup my coffee came in:

During much of the year here, the costal fog chills the morning air and gives the ocean a gunmetal gray appearance.  It's at times like these that a good cup of coffee really seems like "Nectar of the Gods."

So a collection of old friends and I set out to make that good cup of coffee. We started by bringing the best Arabica beans available from Columbia and other countries in the prime Central and South America coffee-growing regioins. What we craved was the clean, well rounded taste of a medium-roasted, classic "American Style" cup of Joe.

We think this coffee is it, and we hope you'll find it as enjoyable to drink as we do.

   Mike Murphy,

   "Head Honcho"

The coffee was all right.

Wow, this entry wandered...starting with the center of the universe and ending with a bit of the copy writers art.



ryanagi said...

I think alerts must have been on the fritz...I missed this one. We don't have Carl's here. They have great hashbrowns...I have to take advantage when we travel.

valphish said...

You live around alot of food!  Wow, that buger sure sounded yummy!  And you ate it all! Mmmmm!  Don't think I could have.  You take care! xox