Saturday, May 7, 2005

More Quick Shots

1  The Old Folks Home roses are looking better, but still pretty depressed.  I thought flowers liked rain.  Our don't.

2   The prettiest cars in the parking lot today are a Chrysler and two Toyotas.

3   The Merced, CA, sesquicentennial (let the spell checker deal with that word) parade is going on as I type this.  It is on Main Street.  That is a mile away.  And here I sit, bemoaning the fact that I am too sedentary to go see it on my scooter.

4   I am getting lots of nice comments on my journal entries.  Thank you, I needed them.  I was feeling blue, but you kind folks bouy me up.  You are figurative life-savers.

5   I will actually get on my horse (Pride Scooter) and go to town to visit the Art Gallery open house.  My daughter will be there and some of her work will be displayed. 

6   One comment below says, "I'll bet those pictures bring back happy and sad memories."  Happy ones, yes, and yet, as I posted them I had tears in my eyes. One of our recent  week-end assignments asked what were the happiest days of your childhood.  My answer: summer vacation at Carpinteria, CA, beach camp.  We kid's parents took turns staying at the camp so that we could spend a large part of the summer there, living in swim trunks, sunning and swimming. 
   I may be paying the price of all that sunning now, as the dermatologist burns off nurmerous little tumors with his handy spray can of liquid nitrogen.

7  Another week-end assignment was to look into the future and predict what life will be like.  My tablemate and I did that at breakfast.  I predicted that in one hundred years the political  and science center of world will be Asia. Japan, Korea, China will unite and rule the world.  USA, Mexico, Canada will unite and be the second power, competing with South America for that spot.  Africa will dominate the third world and Eurasia will be part of that sphere.
   Science will be the religion of the masses, and the current religions will be hanging on, struggling to survive.  Marriage, burial, family unit customs will change drastically.  And the surprising thing is, that people born today, 2005, will be alive to see it all, but will be grumbling about how good things "used to be" back in the early part of the twenty-first century.


sylviam4000 said...

Keep a tight reign on your "horse" Chuck, don't want to run any old folks down. Keep laughing with me.
Sylvia x

mavarin said...

We love to see you here, Chuck, but you should have found a way to go to the parade! - Karen

plieck30 said...

Oh i wish someone would have taken the ones of you who wanted to go to the parade. I love parades and we will be having Cowboy Homecoming parade in August. Your musings about the future are interesting. Bet you are proud of that daughter and her art. Paula

perkysgrl said...

Merced huh? Pretty close to Little Ol' Me... That weekend was the Street Faire in another neighboring town too... Chyrsler and Toyotas huh? Nice cars, no wonder they were the prettiest...