Sunday, May 22, 2005

Not Just Another Day -- III

It's not just another day at the old folks home --  it is FRONT PARKING LOT resurface day.

Yesterday was Wedding day (and) Back Parking Lot resurface day.  wedding guests could not use the back lot yesterday.  When the front lot was filled they had to park on the street, half a block away, and in Starbucks parking lot.  Parking in Starbucks was difficult because the Starbucks customers hogged most of the spaces so they could scarf down bitter coffee close to their cars. 

The finished project is beautiful.  See photo. 

Only, some resident forgot that his aged eyes needed dark glasses, and went for a half-sighted stroll with his walker on the black top while it was still wet, and then came in through the back door and left tracks on the new carpet.

Today they started on the front parking lot.  It looks good.

Surely there will be no mishaps today.

Except, one wedding guest parked her car in front yesterday, locked it, and went on a trip with family, taking her keys with her.  We have found that AAA will not tow a car if they do not have the keys.  So the front lot will be resurfaced AROUND her car.

What we needed today was the number of a good CAR THIEF.


ryanagi said...

lol they won't postpone the resurfacing work? going around her car sounds like a bad idea.

magogos said...

That iks hysterical! How typical that all that monry be spent and the front lot still not be perfect! Margo  

sylviam4000 said...

You are a scream! Thanks Chuck - a laugh a day keeps the doctor away.
Sylvia x

fisherkristina said...

Can't believe those mean old Starbucks people wanted those spaces! -Krissy

domesticatedchic said...

Wow.. you would think they would somehow ave a law to work around her car staying there in a case like this.. I guess that means they will have to come back and redo her area.. my question is when she comes back will she be able to even drive away..? Or will wet tar be boxing her in? lol*
:) Melaney

mavarin said...

Well, I'm sure whoever-it-was didn't know hat a problem she was causing.  I hope she's properly chastised later! -Karen

plieck30 said...

The parking lot looks nice. Now you can do a wheelie on your scooter. I'm glad that isn't my car sitting there with tar being spread around it. Paula

valphish said...

ooops, tracks on the rug.  Hey, that looks great!  Alot goin' on at your neck of the woods!  Wonderful! xox