Tuesday, May 10, 2005

More About Teeth (or the lack thereof)

   Since I lost a bridge on the upper left yesterday, and am missing a molar on the lower left, and since I have lower right teeth missing, I have NO grinders meeting anywhere. 

   For breakfast I had Cream of Wheat, lightly poached eggs.  I had my apricots and my orange juice blended together and drank them both at once. Coffee tasted as good as ever.  Breakfast was good.

   But what about lunch? 

   I had a table mate, 83, who said we were all "Super-annuated".  I think that means "too many years".  He was a physician and liked Latinate words.  One day he announced, "I have a painful callousity on the distal end of my fifth meta carpus."  He wasn't making a joke; that's the way he talked.

   A few days later when he limped in and I asked, "How's the painful callousity on the distal end of your fifth metacapus?"

   "Hurts," he said.


valphish said...

Oh my...how did you remember what he said? LOL So, I hope that gushy food isn't too bland for you.  Are you getting your bridge replaced/molar fixed?  Take care! xox http://journals.aol.com/valphish/ValsThoughts

sieblonde said...

"latinate" words....  I love it.  I'll use that term on my son (who's pre-med).   Hope there are new teeth on the way for you soon.  ~Susan  

lacaza3 said...

my grandmA EATS VERY SLOW says its her denture...poor thing
Donna In TEXAS

labdancer51 said...

Did you ever find out exactly what was wrong with him in English?  :-)

Sandra xxx

plieck30 said...

My Mom use to grind up her steak so that she could eat it. Tell your  physician friend to clean up his language. lol You are real sharp to remember that whole sentence. Paula

ryanagi said...

The fact that you can say and remember all that medical jargon makes you a good candidate to be a medical extra on the TV show ER. LOL