Thursday, January 26, 2006


   Woke at 7:38 am, and without rising reached over and lifted phone into bed with me.  I pushed the "Bertha" button and it dialed my cousin for me.  I could tell by the tone of her voice that someone was there with her, and I said "Oh your sister is there."  And I was right. We chatted until after 8:00 am and I rose and got ready for breakfast

   I was offered waffles, potatoes, scrambled eggs, syrup, bacon, and sausage, but said, "No thanks," and took toast and cold ceral instead, which with orange juice and coffee was plenty.  If I ate the breakfast they offer every morning I would weigh even more than I do now.

  Rolled home and opened my pill cabinet.  I recited my pill litany:

One, aspirin, thins my blood to prevent strokes and ease the aches and pains or Arthritis

Two, lowers blood pressure

Three, regulates heart beat

Four strengthens heart beat

Five "dewaters" me so I pee away water so it does not make my legs swell quite as much.

Six, regulates the sugar in my system so I do not have to take insulin.

   Whew, what a routine.  At night I repeat a couple and add an anti-chloresterol nightcap. My pill cabinet has a few "in case" medicines. I  have on standby: anti-diarrheal, strong pain killers for phantom pain, cough suppressant, cold remedy, sleep inducer, and plain old aspirn and tylenol, and by my bed, an inhaler. 

   And how was your morning? 



garnett109 said...

Not as fun filled as yours , with all those pills how can you eat breakfest?

valphish said...

You DON'T even want to know what is in my pill case!  I take 20+ pills a day and an inhaler or two.  They keep me going and well, though.  My morning was good, thanks :D!! That IS a huge breakfast they offer.  I only have coffee for breakfast.  Bad girl.  xox

mtrib2 said...

I have been away from journals for awhile.    Thought I would check yours to read about your daily (SOP) standard operating procedure.    I take Neurontin, Tramadol, and Baclofen when I get up so that I can move because of stiffness and pain.     I have several others that I take like Nortriptylene at night for depression.
Hope your day is going great.     mark
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jckfrstross said...

I don't know i will think about it and get back to you:)


gallsclndrgirl said...

Phantom pain? I was not aware you are an amputee...if not my bad. My regimen is not far behind yours and I am 31.....geesh imagine me in only 20 years, scary!   JK    Thanks for letting me read.