Monday, January 9, 2006

Comfortable Old Loafers

Yes, I know this is going to take time.  I accept that..... and yet.

After an hour, four a.m. to five a.m., I turn off the new Dell Laptop and come over to my familiar H-P desk top. The mouse feels so comfortable in my hand. 

Firing up my old friend is like pulling off a pair of new shoes and slipping into a pair of old loafers.  Ahhh, they fit your feet so nicely. There, that's nice. I can type and scroll and drag and select with ease.

After the shell-shock of working with new computer, my antique (1999) computer feels so nice.

What shell-shock this time?  New computer comes with fantastic array of programs as shown in display of icons. Right? 

Wrong.  I delightedly started Scrabble.... only to find it is limited to 60 minutes of play.  Then buy it or bye bye.  Ooooh, Corel Photo Album, I start to explore that program and then I note.... it is good for sixty days.

Well, it is nice to have free samples on the computer, but I thought, looking at all the icons on my desktop that they were included.  Wake up, Charlie, there's no free lunch. 


kateh2ocolorart said...

LOL, the JUNK MAIL syndrome comes on new computers too!  K

valphish said...

:-o!! xox