Monday, January 9, 2006

You Can Lead a Horse to Water...

...but you cannot make him drink.

   The administration of this old folks home told us it is "state law" that there must be a residents' council.  So dutifully we made one.

   And we appointed officers who hate the job.  They hate confrontation, and hate to be the go-betweens between landlord and tenant.  Finally the officers said "no more".  We have scheduled elections for tomorrow... but nobody wants to run.

   Who can blame them.   We are retired, tired, feeble, and aged. No one wants to take the job of toreador to the administrations bull. Getting gored is not part of a happy retirement.

   So tomorrow, no doubt, the association will lie fallow, be leaderless, dormant, and defunct. 

   How can the state law tell us we "have to have one", when there is no one to do it. I think the state law must actually say that the landlords "cannot prohibit" one.  Anyhow, I think that is what we will presume.

   "...You cannot make him drink."  Old adages sometimes make more sense than state law.


jckfrstross said...

LOL so true so true:)


judypearllove said...

I told my grandson who is 14 yrs old the same thing, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink it just yesterday except we were talking about him selling his dirt bike he got for christmas that he wrecked and got hurt on.

anyway if everyone refuses to do it what can they do? nothing and if I were in your place I would refuse to do it too. What does someone who makes a rule or a law know about living in your shoes?  Not one thing and I would surely not do it as sure as God made little green apples I would not. You will not be able to change one thing and just have flustrations. I'm with you who needs that. everyone stick to their guns and refuse.  

onemoretina said...

    This reminded me of when I was a kid in Catholic school, and I was nominated, against my will, to be the room monitor.  So, basically, I was elected to rat on the other kids in class ( I think they chose me because they knew I wasn't the 'telling-on' type.)   And I'd get in trouble if I didn't report any misbehavior, and Sister Margaret found out about it from the other students.   Talk about a rock and a hard spot.  Who wants to do this job?  The pay is terrible, and the benefits stink ! lol   I hope you guys all stick to your guns. Good luck, Tina

valphish said...

oooo righto! xox

hewasolddog299 said...

While it is possible your state legislature did go off and make such a statute provision, it occurs to me it might be because your type of co-operatively owned assisted living / retirement home falls under the broader umbrella of Condominium Law. In which case, you can blame the Feds for some model language that required resident  councils for all condos and co-op buildings.

And if there really is such a law, the administration / landlords have no choice but to badger some of you into servng on such a council. They otherwise run the risk of being found in violation of the law and they don't want that to happen, I'm sure.

I once served on the Board of a Senior Citizens' Residence (because I was the local fire chief) and it was a thankless job. I quit just as soon as I could gracefully extricate myself from the morass of meetings, politics and in-fighting it attempted to consume me with -- and I had a business to run on top of a FT position with the community!

As an (almost) able-bodied and mentally acute individual, you are a likely target ... Do you want a right-handed or left-handed gavel, Mr. Chairman?

plieck30 said...

The senior center we go to is barely holding on and the board of directors are tired of holding their offices. Takes the fun out of retirement to have some responsibility like that. Paula