Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cookie Cutter Cars II

   Have auto designers trained the public to buy only cars that look alike, or have buyers trained the auto designers by buying only cars that look like this.


   Here are a Ford, Chrysler, Honda, and Dodge parked side by side in our parking lot.

   I know Chrysler and Dodge are cousins, but why do Ford and Honda look so much like them?


garnett109 said...

most of the cars are made buy over sea firms here on us soil and that is the end result!

mccine said...

I have noticed this same trend in clothes.

jaykolb said...

If you give four different groups of designers a detailed and complete set of well-defined requirements, which they fully understand, and if the four groups each produce the optimum design to fit those requirements perfectly, then in theory, anyway, the resulting four designs should be identical.  (We often see this in computer operating system code, where competitors accuse each other of copying, but actually, there WAS only one optimum solution, which they each independently implemented.)

That's the theory, anyway.  In actuality, the manufacturers probably just don't want to be TOO different.  Appeal to the widest audience and all that.


plieck30 said...

Doncha just hate it? I do. Paula

mtrib2 said...

things are going to get even more mixed up.    Ford and GM can not pay the benefits by adding the cost to the sticker in competition with Japan.   Now the Chinese will cut new car costs below the ability for American car makers to compete.    Who can predict what the new technology and global competition will bring?   More Americans working at low paying jobs seems to be what is happening.      mark

onemoretina said...

     Isn't this the truth.  So much for individuality !  Oh, well ... I suppose that as long as my trusty Honda gets me where I need to go, I am happy.  But still ....  Tina