Sunday, January 8, 2006

Dell Laptop Madness

How's this for logic: The Dell Laptop Instruction Manual is in the computer. 

You want to know how to operate the computer, you have to operate the computer to read the manual.

I have never worked with a touch plate before.  Instructions for the touch plate are on page thirty.  I muddle along to page thirty. I read the first paragraph and need to scoll down to the next, but I don't know how to scroll.  I tap the touch plate and I am on page sixty four.  I stuggle back to page thrity.... and then jump again, this time to one hundred two.

This is madness. 


kateh2ocolorart said...

Sounds like every other computer process!  It will come soon enuf.

mavarin said...

Okay, two things:

1.  There's probably a column on the right endge of the touch pad for scolling up and down.  Just run your finger up and down along that.  For some functions, you can also use the arrow keys.

2.  You can order a mouse to use with your laptop.  They make ones for laptops that are a little smaller than normal, and use less power.  I very seldom use the touchpad thingy.  I use a mouse instead.

You can do it!


garnett109 said...

that brings back memories, Iwas afraid to touch this thing LOL!

elleme2 said...

Ah! The genius of computer manufacturers!  The obvious--that you can't learn how to use the product until after you've learned how to use the product--never seems to occur to them.  I long for the good old days when every computer and every piece of software came with a printed User Manual.

astaryth said...

Touchpad... phhhhhhhht! I only use my touchpad if I'm doing something really quick. Normally I use my nice little mouse with the cool little scroll wheel that makes being on the web such a joy <g>. Seriously though, a mouse makes things much nicer... although I DO recommend learning the touchpad for those occasions that having your mouse along isn't a good option!

Oh, and I didn't even have to 'install' said mouse. It is a USB one and you plug it in and go!

valphish said...

oh my goodness!  That IS crazy!!  instructions ON the computer!  Surely they have written instructions somewhere that you can obtain.  It probably would cost a good bit, though.  Oh my... good luck! xox

ng2000news said...

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