Friday, January 13, 2006

Life in the Old Folks Home

   Some thunder and lightning would be a treat here.  Been low lying fog for days now.  Ten cars plowed into each other near here because there was a fender bender in the fog and other cars smashed into them. One serious injury with victim removed by helicopter.  An ambulance would probably get lost or run into someone else.  I miss the booming storms of Missouri.

    The breakfast at IHOP was nice.  Ted, Milt, and I went and Alicia, the activity director, came along.  She was charming and fun and nothing went wrong.  She used to be a waitress at IHOP for years, and at Dennys.  Days like today make me glad she is activity director and make up for all the December screw ups. Two evenings a week she reads to us out of The Girl with the Pearl Earring.

      So I am fed, medicated, and content.  Had biscuits and gravy.  Milt had some coupons and Ted took my check and a coupon and paid only 19 cents for my breakfast.  I told him I would give him a quarter and he should keep the change.  I left the tip for everyone so whole morning cost me a mere $8.00. We all got by for very little.

    Our next outing is to Barnes and Noble book store for browsing and then for lunch and Round Table Pizza.  That will be nice.  The ladies have a breakfast out next week... maybe they will invite the gents.  We invited the ladies, but none signed up.

     Dorothy the hug lady whom I wrote about in my journal has moved out to live with daughter in Oregon.

    Louis and Peggy have been sweethearts here for years. They met here when she moved in years ago.  After years of close companionship Peggy had to move out of the old folks home and in with her family in a nearby community.  Many tears on both their parts, and Peggy finally accepted Louis proposal.  They would be married here in the parlor much like Milt and Eva had.

   Louis moved to a larger apartment to be ready. Then Louis' and Peggy's families intervened. Somehow, with an attorney, they convinced the couple to cancel the wedding plans.   Now tears flowed anew.  Louis wanted to move back to the apartment he has had for more than eight years, but was told that it had been rented to someone new already. Now he has lost his apartment, has to pay more for larger apartment he does not want, lost his lady friend, and is farther away from the dining room and the center of activity.

     It is tough to get old.


kateh2ocolorart said...

That it IS!  Your breakfast out sounds delightful, did you all scooter/walk?  I knew Alicia looked familiar!  She's doing a good job of trying to get to know people it sounds like.  Couldn't really have a bull session with a young lady present tho...LOL

Maybe Louis and Peggy should live together without official marriage certificate...of course, attorneys wouldn't like that much either I suppose.  

It's true that getting old can be tough...and alternative living spaces aren't necessarily better, take my former mother-in-law who took a spill in her mobile home, had to go to convalescent home to recover and was basically trapped inside her home when she returned because the only way in or out....STAIRS!  Consider also the many older adults who are homeless in our little community alone!  HOW DO they survive?
My heart goes out to them!

herheadsnacloud said...

Thanks for the entry, touched my heart......Bambi

sylviam4000 said...

You never asked me out to breakfast, could do with a break. Life in my place isn't so much different to yours - dull mainly. Keep laughing.
Sylvia xx

msecz said...

I hate it when we get fog too. It sounds like you had a nice morning though. Its not fair what kids can do to their parents is it? What is it pay back time or something..... Wait until they get old  but then its too late for the parents isn't it... I can only hope my kids do not think they can do that to me.... Sandra

jckfrstross said...

Breakfast out sounds like so much fun and lunch also. We made it to Friday!!!!!


deslily said...

Ohhh Barnes and Noble.. not a good place for me to go.. i tend to spend money in that joint! lol
That's sad about Louis and Peggy.  So little time to be happy.. it's not right the kids take that away from them.

valphish said...

I am so sad for Louis =(.  Barnes and Noble - my fave place to go!!  Have fun!! xox

nyboots said...

I put on 3 beautiful weddings here at my assisted living center but we recently had a family put a stop to another couple who wanted to marry . Guess your children become your parents after awhile and they decide whats right for you, hey?,,Ginger

plieck30 said...

Knew of a case similiar to this except they lived in their respective homes and just wanted to go out to eat breakfast together etc. Kids stepped in and stopped it. All boils down to money usually. The kids are afraid someone else is going to get a dollar. Paula

onemoretina said...

  This is unbelievably sad. Poor Louis and Peggy.  All they want is to be able to enjoy their remaining years in the glow of each other's love.  This is what we all wish for.  It makes me sad to know that their wants and desires ... their NEEDS ... are taking a back seat to what their families want for them.  What a shame.
   By the way, how are you enjoying 'The Girl with the Pearl Earring? '   I loved that book.  It might be nice for you to rent the movie after you hear the story.  Of course, the movies are never quite as good as the book ... but I did enjoy it.  And lets hope those gals invite the guys to breakfast next time!   Tina

penguine4050 said...