Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Two Days

For two whole days I have not touched my new laptop.  And I don't care.  The old Hewlett-Packard feels very comfortable right now.

And the residents' council lapsed because no one would serve as officers in it.  The administator of the old folks home says she has to schedule the meetings monthly, and keep a record that show that she has, but if no one comes, well, that is that.

It reminds me of a town that became so apethetic that a high school student ran for mayor, and was elected, because no one else would run.  He was just old enough to be eligible.  I don't know what kind of mayor he became, but at least he got on David Letterman as the  "youngest mayor".


bamawmn46 said...

Chuck,  I understand.  I've done the same thing with my new sewing machine and the buttonhole I've been trying to create with it.  I have walked away, not allowing myself to go back yet.  It becomes a matter of questioning your own brain waves.  I keep asking myself, which step have I skipped?  I reread instructions.  I try again.  Nope, doesn't even look close like a buttonhole... has a knot of thread on the other side (maybe it thinks it's supposed to be the button??)...  Well, it you're like me, the pink elephant is sitting on the other side of the room.  Turned off.  I will wait another day or so and give it another shot.  

plieck30 said...

I remember the story about that young mayor. It would be interesting to know if he was a success. Paula

jaykolb said...

My eyebrows shot up when you mentioned the mayor.  The village is Tivoli, New York, and it's right up the road from me.  It wasn't apathy that got him elected - the kid is pretty incredible, and ran a darn good campaign (it didn't hurt that the village is full of students from Bard College).  Tivoli is maybe two blocks long and four wide, and before the kid got elected it was loud college bars and not much else.  Now there are noise ordinances, and the bars have been replaced by little bistros, coffee houses, and several terrific restaurants.  The village has turned a defunct horse farm into a world-class center for dance, and has been attracting tourists with things like sidewalk painting festivals.  Even the houses look happier.  I'm not sure, I don't much follow local politics, but I think he's still mayor, probably in his mid-20s now.  If anyone remembers Woodstock, NY, in the late 60s, before it got all gentrified, that's what Tivoli is like now.  And the kid shook up the place and made it happen.

mavarin said...

Back in 1974 or so, a high school classmate of mine jokingly ran for mayor of unincorporated Mycenae, NY, circulated a petition on the bus home from school, declared himself the winner, and installed himself as mayor.  The one thing I know he accomplished was to get the state to install a traffic light at Mycenae's only dangerous intersection.


onemoretina said...

    I know what you mean, Chuck.   The Big Guy got me a new laptop for Christmas .... but I am just so used to THIS one !   On the other hand, maybe if I alternated, this darn pain in my neck and shoulders would go away.  It doesn't help that I sit at this thing for hours on end.  At least with the laptop, I could change positions.  Good luck to you !  Tina