Wednesday, June 8, 2005

Alternate Endings

   In my recent movie review of 50 First Dates and Something's Gotta Give I was critical of the endings of those movies.  Monponsett made a comment about alternative endings.

    "They did the same thing with Casablanca. Although few people are aware of it, in the Past The Ending part of that film, Humphrey- really a Nazi collaborator- whips out a heretofore yet uninvented Stinger shoulder held anti-aircraft missile and brings down the getaway plane into a fiery Mediterranean crash.

In another classic, Old Yeller also returns to the house, sheds the bullet-proof faux fur jacket he had been wearing, and bites the hand that shot him.
Comment from
monponsett - 6/7/05 11:56 AM "

I responded with an alternative of my own.

"Right about Casablanca and Old Yeller.  And I much prefer the alternate ending to Bambi, in which Bambi's mother, when shot, is rushed to the animal hospital.  Dr. Doolittle asks her where she hurts and when Bambi's mother says, "I was shot in the ass, but it only hurts when I laugh,"  Dr. Doolittle, Rex Harrison not Eddie Murphy, removes the bullet and saves her life." 

Perhaps you can think of some alternative endings you'd like to see added to certain movies.  Let us hear about them.

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mavarin said...

I like the part where Dorothy finds out that going to Oz WASN'T a dream!  Oh, wait--they did it, sort of, in Return to Oz.